Tourmaline, is one of the most colourful gemstones on Earth. The name "Tourmaline" comes from Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) and translates into English as "stone of mixed colors" referring to the colour spectrum of this gemstone, which outdoes that of all other semi precious stones.

It occurs in all possible hues, tones and shades of colours. The comlexity of Tourmaline colour is not restricted to the rainbow colours. It iis found in almost all the primary and basic colours like shades of green, red, blue, yellow, brown, pink, black and even colourless. The most valuable are indicolite (blues and blue-green), verdelite (greens) and rubellite (reds and pinks). The common colors are chrome (green), cat's eye (striped brown), paraiba (bright neon blue), schorl (black) and dravite (yellows and browns).

They often have two or more colours and there are tourmalines which change their colour when the light changes. These stones are known as Bicoloured Tourmalines, and those with more than two as Multicoloured Tourmalines. In the fascinating world of gemstones, the Tourmaline is very special. Its high availability and its glorious, incomparable colour spectrum make it one of our most popular gemstones - and apart from that, almost every Tourmaline is unique.