Pearlscome in wide variety of colours, also known as "palette of colours". From white, yellow, golden, pink, mauve to black and almost every shade in between.

Pearl colour refers specifically to the colour of the pearl's body, considered the fundamental colour of the pearl. Colours generally range from cream, to silver-white (most common), to black (most rare). But there are also colour overtones reflected across a pearl's surface. In fact, the colour of a pearl more often than not is a meld of its body colour and its overtone. A pearl with a "rose overtone" will describe a white pearl with a rose colour hue.

Although some colours are naturally rarer than others, and therefore more expensive, colour is another factor where, all other things being equal, the "best" colour for you is largely a matter of personal taste and what suits you as an individual.

Below are some of the more common colours.