Aquamarine is a fascinatingly beautiful gemstone; the blue to blue-green variety of the Beryl family. Beryl also contains other gem varieties, including Emerald. Unlike Emerald, Aquamarine gems are often completely flawless and Aquamarines with visible flaws are rarely seen.

Aquamarine has good hardness (7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale) and a wonderful shine. That hardness makes it very tough and protects it to a large extent from scratches. Iron is the substance which gives aquamarine its colour, a colour which ranges from an almost indiscernible pale blue to a strong sea-blue. The more intense the colour of an Aquamarine, the more value is put on it. Some Aquamarines have a light, greenish shimmer; that too is a typical feature. However, it is a pure, clear blue that continues to epitomise the Aquamarine, because it brings out so well the immaculate transparency and magnificent shine of this gemstone.

There is hardly any other gemstone in modern jewellery design which is refined in such a variety of ways as Aquamarine. Whether it is fashioned as a clear, transparent gem in the classical step cut, or creatively cut in a more modern design, it is always fascinatingly beautiful.