Akoya Pearls are considered the classic amongst cultured pearls, and are produced from the Akoya pearl oyster. Akoya pearls have been the specialty of Japanese pearl farms for many years.

Akoya Pearls are primarily round or oval in shape and measure 2 to 10mm, with the most common sizes falling between 6 and 8 mm. The Akoya pearl has a high luster and is usually white or cream coloured, and sometimes has a rose or pink overtone. They may also carry a hint of silver. The most popular type of Akoya pearl are those with rose overtones. These are the rarest and as a result they are the most desired.

Akoya's have few blemishes. They tend to be the most consistently round and near-round pearls, making them ideal in terms of matching for multi-pearl jewelry such as strands and bracelets.